Tales of the City #1: New York City Excursions

August 2014

After a wonderful summer in Maine with family, it was finally time for my big move to New York City to study at Fordham University. My aunt and cousin Panda loaded up the car with all the dorm stuff I’ve accumulated in the weeks prior and we made the trip. I moved into my room earlier than most freshmen since I had to attend Global Transition (Int’l Student Orientation). I was so glad that excursions to Manhattan were part of the three-day program.

I had barely processed that I was actually in New York when I suddenly found myself eating sushi near Columbus Circle, walking through Times Square with tears in my eyes, and riding the iconic subway to and from our different destinations. Little did I know that I would be confidently navigating those streets in the middle of the night after going out with friends only a few weeks after like it was no biggie at all.

We went around the Chelsea area and ate in Friedman’s Lunch in Chelsea Market and saw the architecturally beautiful IAC building and awesome murals from the High Line. A day after, I visited Central Park for the first time with my new friends. As we strolled through, so many of my favourite movies set there were playing in my head and I pictured the scenes happening all around me. It was quite magical.

Bonus photos: posing with the Fordham Ram and my dorm transformation 🙂



xo Jenny

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