The Way Life Should Be

A New England Summer

July-August 2014

My summer after high school was culminated with the best and most carefree days I’ve ever had. I spent a month living with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in Berwick, Maine. It was my first time in the States and I loved every moment of experiencing ‘quintessential small town America’ as my cousin Tom aptly described it. Everything was new to me and I took so much joy from mundane grocery trips to Target and picking up tacos from Chipotle (I was so manol! which roughly translates from ilonggo to “noob” haha!). It amazed me that it took at least twenty minutes of traffic-free driving through tree lined roads to get anywhere. And I loved that life was laid-back and I could go through days untroubled as I anticipated going to college. It was truly an idyllic time and remembering it brings peaceful images of the Atlantic ocean to mind.

During my cousins’ days off from work, we would drive to nearby towns and have lazy afternoons enjoying each other’s company. We visited the Nubble lighthouse in the summer resort town of York, Maine and watched taffy being pulled in candy store windows. We also went to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and walked around its quaint streets as well as the docks at Prescott Park. It only took me a handful of days to realise that New England is one of the most picturesque places you could ever go to.

We also took a road trip up to Millinocket, Maine to go camping for a night. We hiked through Baxter State Park and saw the beautiful Mt. Katahdin and on the second day we went white water rafting on the Penobscot River. We all underestimated our guide, because he didn’t look as fit or legit as the other guides but he was actually so bad ass and funny. Our raft flipped upside down when we went into a Class IV or V rapid called the “Fluffy Box of Kittens” (lol) which was terrifying, but other than that near death experience, it was a grand ol’ time!

Aside from being in Maine and New Hampshire, my cousins and I explored Boston as well since it was only a two hour bus trip away. We had lunch at Quincy Market, browsed through the interesting installations at the Museum of Science, and appreciated the lovely impressionist artworks in the Museum of Fine Arts. On another day, it was just me and my cousin Panda and we watched a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, which was pretty epic in itself. But alas the Red Sox were doing poorly and I missed the only good home run by David Ortiz because I was out piling powdered sugar on my fried dough… I’ll witness it next time!

Overall, my brief bit of summer in Maine is one I’ll always remember: going on lazy drives with my cousins, perusing sales racks with my Tita, and watching crime dramas/football with her husband Jimmy. I cannot wait to go back and relive such happy times. I’ll end this post with photos of food just in case you aren’t convinced that New England should be on your travel bucket list yet. 😉

xo Jenny

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