Tales of the City #2: First Date

September 11, 2014

My boyfriend (November 2017 update: *fiancé!!) Alex and I have been together almost four years now and it still makes me all warm and fuzzy to think about our first date. He’ll be featuring in a lot of my posts so I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce him (and our story) especially since he was such a huge part of my New York experience (and life in general!). We met at the Bronx Zoo during int’l student orientation, lived in the same residence hall, had the same classes and same friends. After a fateful night of talking ’til dawn in the Harry Potter-esque lounge of our dorm and discovering how much we clicked, we were inseparable.

Our day began with a train ride on the Metro North that took us straight from Fordham Rd. to Grand Central Station. We walked towards Central Park and stopped by Le Pain Quotidien for little pastries. We ate them while people watching on a bench outside the Central Park Zoo which attracted more than one curious squirrel. We then took the subway down a few stops and hopped on the Staten Island ferry. We thought it would be a fun way to see the Statue of Liberty for free. After getting back to Manhattan, we got lost walking around Wall Street and eventually found ourselves back on the subway going to midtown. We walked around Times Square and popped in and out of the shops around there and ended up in Bryant Park. We lied down on the grass to have a rest before dinner and were entertained by a mass of people doing yoga in the park. We then walked over to the Bryant Park Grill for a lovely meal. It seems so strange to me how long ago that was and how young we look in our selfies but I can still remember our duck spring rolls and spicy seafood hand rolled pasta like it was yesterday. ❤


xo Jenny

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