Tales of the City #3: Second Date

September 18, 2014

Although I don’t have too many photos of this day, it really deserves its own post. A week after our first date, Alex and I took advantage of another free Thursday and took the city by storm. We explored the American Museum of Natural History which was pretty amazing. After, we made our way to Union St. via subway to visit the iconic Strand Bookstore. Then we booked 10:45 pm tickets to go up Top of the Rock. Since we had a long time to wait, we had dinner at the Chipotle near Rockefeller Centre. When it was time to go up to Top of the Rock, Alex and I were incredibly excited. When we got out the elevator and saw the epic city views with all the buildings lit up against the night sky, we fell silent in awe. We couldn’t quite believe what we were experiencing together: looking out into the city with arms around each other’s waists and wind fiercely whipping our hair. I’ll always remember shifting my eyes from the view to Alex then back to the view, wondering if it was all real. And I’ll always remember us saying “I really really like you” to each other knowing what we both really meant (cheesyyy). This is one of my favourite days to recount when telling a friend about how we fell in love and about how the universe seemed to keep giving up perfect movie scenes in real life before pulling us apart with the distance… *happy sigh* ❤

xo Jenny

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