Tales of the City #4: Global Citizen Festival

September 27, 2014

The day I danced and rapped and sang my heart out to Jay Z performing Empire State of Mind live in New York. ❤

When I saw the ads for Global Citizen I thought it was too good to be true that I could attend a free music festival with such big names headlining. Of course as I first visited the website, I was immediately impressed by how they set out to raffle the tickets. Each person had to go through a series of steps that included reading articles and watching videos about world hunger and lack of water and sanitation in different parts of the world. I found it really fun and educational to go through the motions of getting the tickets. I wish I had done more attempts and made my friends do them too so that we could have all gotten the chance to go. I decided to take my bestie Ciara with me.

We made our way to the Great Lawn in Central Park and found our place on the grass. We spent the afternoon and evening watching Tiësto, Alicia Keys, The Roots, FUN, Carrie Underwood, No Doubt, and Jay Z. Beyonce even made an appearance! There were also a number of celebrities who came out to speak about various global issues we are all facing. It was an awesome day that ended with shopping in Times Square and a sleepover at Ci’s! ❤

xo Jenny

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