Tales of the City #5: School Spirit & Friendships

Fall 2014

I believe the most important part of my experience studying at Fordham was the friendships I’ve made. My friends were the reason I had something to look forward to everyday, since I got to do everything with them, be it class or adventures around Manhattan. A huge shout out definitely needs to go to my bestie Ciara. She’s one of the biggest reasons that I had the courage to apply to different universities in the US and decided to study at Fordham. She helped me realise dreams I didn’t know I was allowed to have and helped me make them come true. Even when my dream was cut short, she still continues to support me in everything that I do. My favourite memories with her are our cancelled English classes because we got to have extended lunches at Panda Express (hehe).

I went to a handful of football games with my friends and it was super exciting each time. It felt like such an “all-American” experience and it was funny that my other international student friends were as clueless as I am, with Alex as the exception since he played both American football and football (soccer) back in London. I’m grateful that he patiently explained everything to me which made me fall in love with the sport. The last picture in the photoset below is of me eating a bagel and enjoying my coffee on Eddie’s (a field/courtyard in the heart of campus) in between classes.

Another quintessential Fordham Ram experience is getting a couple slices of pizza at the famous Pugsley’s after a night out or any other time of day for that matter.

Even though most of my Fordham friends and I are now in the “I see your insta posts all the time and I’m cheering you on in whatever you’re doing” stage (at least I am), that period in my life was truly so fun and meaningful because of them and I miss them dearly! In the rare case any of you see this… thank you for the friendship! ❤

xo Jenny

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