Tales of the City #7: Halloween in NY

October 30-31, 2014

The day before Halloween in 2014 was a turning point in my time living in New York that fall. It was the first time that I ventured into Manhattan all by my lonesome (even with a warning that it was gang initiation night in the Bronx ~oooooh~). I got lost and really cold but I didn’t give up finding the stuff I needed for our Halloween costumes. I browsed costume shops and thrift shops with no luck although I stumbled on a cool bookshop called Westsider Rare and Used Books along Broadway. I walked a few miles that day trying to find the nearest Michaels art supplies store. I ended up with a few sheets of felt in varying colours, green crepe paper, wire, fabric glue, a big red t-shirt, and a navy hoodie for Alex.

My side of the dorm room was a complete mess for two days but it was worth it! We won “most creative” for our Lilo and Stitch ensemble and headed to our friend’s apartment in the Upper East Side after midnight for a few drinks. It was raining and freezing while my friend Madi and I were just in our short costumes, sandals, and a coat thrown on (very smart, we know). We ended up in another friend’s apartment to sleep for a few hours before we walked to the Lincoln Centre campus of Fordham to catch a ride on the van that goes to and from the Rose Hill campus in the Bronx.

I often feel nostalgic about that morning. I was still in my big red Lilo t-shirt and sandals, walking on the damp and dirty streets of Manhattan with my friends kicking up mud to the back of my legs. The wind was so cold and I stopped in a Starbucks to get myself a hot chocolate. I was surrounded by runners in workout gear and businessmen on their way to the office. It was one of those moments that I felt like I really belonged in New York after months of being a confused student and tourist. As the famous quote goes, “One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” *wistful sigh*

xo Jenny

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