Tales of the City #10: Thanksgiving in the Snow

November 28-30, 2014

It was a last minute decision for Alex and Madi to join me in Maine for Thanksgiving but I am so glad that it turned out that way. We arrived in Berwick near midnight and went straight to bed. When my cousins woke us up the next morning, they casually remarked that there was a snow storm. I did a double take in my half-asleep state and ran to the nearest window to open the blinds. I was ecstatic to see snow for the first time ever in my life (not realising I would dread it just a few weeks later in the city when it turned to sludge lol). Madi and I enjoyed making snowmen while the boys played football.

The power went out because of the storm so our big Thanksgiving meal was a day late. And we all passed the time with hot chocolates, board games, and short drives to see lighthouses and beaches. I remember feeling so in awe at how white a landscape could look. I kept getting surprised at how many new things I discovered and felt on a daily basis during my months in the US. It was a lot of fun lounging around in each other’s company as well as going to the mall for my first ever black Friday shopping experience!

On our day going back to New York, we had a long bus stopover in Boston so we definitely took advantage of it. I’m so sad I didn’t take much photos (because of the cold). We did a walking tour of the North End and we had the most amazing tour guide with the most amazing New England accent. He was jolly and charismatic and had a lot of information to share about the history and culture of the area, as well as some personal encounters with the mafia of all people, which was quite cool. 🙂

I am so thankful that my Maine family was so welcoming of my friends and I and we really had the best time off from the rigours of school and the hustle & bustle of the city.

xo Jenny

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