Tales of the City #12: The Last Days

January 2015

My last days in the States were bittersweet ones, in fact, I didn’t know they were my last. After winter break I was meant to stay in the city for a bit even after withdrawing my enrolment from Fordham but things didn’t pan out as expected and I suddenly had to buy a ticket going home. Plenty of tears were shed but there were also so many smiles and good laughs.

One day in particular always stands out to me when I think about that time. After a tough night of figuring out my next steps, Ciara and I had THE BEST day together. We walked to Chipotle for some lunch take out and then watched Into the Woods at a cinema nearby. The film ended when it was already dark and extra chilly outside and we stepped out of the warm movie theatre into a frigid NY winter evening. We were so cold that we were running and jumping around on the sidewalk to generate some heat and we laughed our hearts out like little girls. We then stopped for nutella and dulce de leche covered waffles at a Wafels and Dinges stand and walked home. What a great night. *happy sigh*

The days that followed were filled with packing and consolidating all my dorm stuff. Alex and I also went out to dinner every night and just enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t take any selfies for some reason but Alex sent me the photo below months after I arrived home and I just remember being so overjoyed and in love at that moment. Pretty much how I feel whenever I am with him hehe. We talked about all our goals for the future that night and it still boggles my mind that we’ve achieved some of them.


It has always been my dream to write about all my adventures during my brief stint as an eager college student in the big apple but never found the right time or the right words to communicate all my thoughts and emotions. Now that I’ve finished, a good three years later, I’m satisfied I’ve shared all I could and it makes me so happy. I will never forget the life changing experiences I’ve had there and I know I will be back. 🙂

xo Jenny

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